In March 2017 I saw a very cute custom doll on eBay for around $200. I instantly knew exactly what I’d name her and who she would be, but I had just bought a doll and $200 was a lot. However, just before Christmas 2017 I purchased a Grace doll who would become Michelle. I wasn’t expecting her to arrive until after the holidays, but I was pleasantly surprised when the box containing her showed up on my doorstep. At first I was afraid to customize her, but eventually I rewigged her. She is my doll dream-come-true, and I love the fact that she is 100% unique and my own.

Michelle has a very special story behind her bobbed hair, and it’s that she had cancer when she was 9. She doesn’t left that define her, though. Michelle is quite stylish, but sometimes doesn’t like what she finds in stores, which is why she often sews her own outfits. She’s 1/4 French, and enjoys baking croissants and other French treats. Michelle is usually outgoing and confident, but can be quiet sometimes in the chatter. However, she can definitely make herself heard if she wants to!

Age; 11

Favorite color; Gold

Favorite food; Macarons

Pets; None

Address; 1601 Pleasant Street.



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