Name; Maryellen Faith Mconnell

Nickname; Ellie

Age; 10

Birthday; July 17

Favorite Color; Hot pink and lavender. Very fashionable colors, you know. Oooh, and glitter, and rainbow-oh! And rainbow glitter!

Favorite Food; Cupcakes! With pink frosting, of course.

Least Favorite Food; Tuna. Ewwwww!

Personality; Ellie is your typical fashion queen-sassy, diva-like, and just a bit bossy. As you have probably deduced, Ellie loves anything to do with clothes or hair, and spends lots of her time planning outfits and trying new hairstyles. Ellie loves anything sparkly or spangly, especially sequined skirts and dresses. She’s always trying to get her sisters  to be more fashionable, and she’s always checking her reflection in a mirror-some people might call her conceited, but don’t hold it against her that she’s gorgeous!

Likes; Finding the perfect outfit, striking the perfect pose, flowers (for her, of course!), perfectly pink frosted cupcakes, cute baby animals

Dislikes; Bad hair days, stained skirts, when Kit wears a black shirt with blue shorts

Favorite Song: I’ve Got No Roots, by Alice Merton

Fun Fact; Ellie wants to get her ears pierced more than anything.

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