Elliana Mconnell

Elliana was my second doll (originally Maryellen). I saw her leaked on dolldiaries.com and knew, right then, that I had to have her. About 6 months and 47 odd jobs later, I had the $115 I needed. It all paid off when she arrived and I lifted her out of that red box, her shiny strawberry blonde curls bouncing in their ponytail. Ella is a Beforever Maryellen Larkin doll, so you may see her called Maryellen or Ellie in older posts. She is the first doll I bought myself, and my only doll with hazel eyes.

10-year-old Ella is fun-loving and sweet, and she loves anything to do with clothing or hair-so if you need fashion advice, look no further! Ella is very protective of her wardrobe full of clothes, but if you ask nicely, she will gladly lend you something. Although Ella can be a little bossy, she loves her sisters (Meg, Adalyn, and Michelle) deeply, and really only tells them their outfits are dreadful because she loves them. That’s not to say it gets on their nerves nonetheless!

Age: 10

Favorite Food: Strawberry-frosted cupcakes

Family: Her sisters, Meg, Adalyn, and Michelle.

Address: 1601 Pleasant Street

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