Adalyn Mconnell

Adalyn was a wonderful surprise eBay find in 2017. The day after my early-January birthday, I was browsing eBay and saw her cute brown eyes looking out at me. For $62 shipped, she was a great deal.  She is very special, as she was GOTY the year I was born.

Adi is a tomboy through and through. Her favorite outfit is a pair of shorts and a t-shirt; she hates the color pink, and can’t stand dresses. Playing with dolls? Nah, she’d rather go catch frogs. Baking cookies? Nope, Adalyn would rather climb trees and then eat cookies hanging upside down from a branch. She loves video games, pranking, and driving her sisters crazy. Don’t call her by her full name or make her wear a skirt, or you’ll find itching powder in your shoes and toads in your bed!

Age: 9

Favorite Food: Chicken nuggets

Family: Her sisters, Meg, Michelle, and Ella

Address: 1601 Pleasant Street

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