Meet the Dolls


Here you can learn all about my doll’s personalities and interests, as well as find out how old they are.



Name; Margaret Mildred Kittredge Peterson

Nickname; Kit

Age; 12

Birthday; June 30th

Favorite Color; Aquamarine

Favorite Food; Pizza with Greek olives and extra cheese

Least Favorite Food; She doesn’t have one. Kit isn’t very picky.

Personality; Kit is sweet and friendly, and almost always ready to listen to her sisters. She is usually pretty quiet, but can definitely make herself heard if she wants to.

Hobbies; Kit loves photography and writing. She can usually be found typing away at her laptop computer, working on her latest plot twist.

Likes; Sharp cheddar cheese, a good plot idea, banana milkshakes, freshly sharpened pencils.

Dislikes; Abridged books, overripe bananas, when her laptop shuts down due to low battery.

Favorite Song; Wake Me Up When September Ends, by Green Day

Fun Fact; Kit was my very first doll! I got her in 2010.






Name; Adalyn Jess Mconnell

Nickname; Adi

Age; 9

Birthday; August 12

Favorite Color; Lime green, yo!

Favorite Food; Ramen noodles with a side of chicken nuggets

Least Favorite Food; Asparagus. Yuck.

Personality; Adalyn is a tomboy through and through. Want to climb trees? Adi will be up there in a flash and hang upside down. Want to go exploring in the woods? Adi will be catching frogs before you know it. Don’t call her by her full name, or make her wear dresses, or you’ll find itching powder in your shirts and toads in your shoes!

Hobbies; You mean besides being the most AWESOME-SAUCE SuperTuxKart player ever? Adi plays soccer recreationally.

Likes; Driving her sister nuts, hot chicken nuggets, a new high score, the perfect frog to use for pranks.

Dislikes; Dresses, having Maryellen try to make her look perfect, when her lime green shirt is dirty.

Favorite Song; Feel It Still, by Portugal the Man

Fun Fact #1; Adalyn is half Scottish and half Japanese, hence the ramen noodles!

Fun Fact #2; Adalyn was the June 2017 DOTM on




Name; Maryellen Faith Larkin

Nickname; Ellie

Age; 10

Birthday; July 17

Favorite Color; Hot pink and lavender. Very fashionable colors, you know. Oooh, and glitter, and rainbow-oh! And rainbow glitter!

Favorite Food; Cupcakes! With pink frosting, of course.

Least Favorite Food; Tuna. Ewwwww!

Personality; Ellie is your typical fashion queen-sassy, diva-like, and just a bit bossy. As you have probably deduced, Ellie loves anything to do with clothes or hair, and spends lots of her time planning outfits and trying new hairstyles. Ellie loves anything sparkly or spangly, especially sequined skirts and dresses. She’s always trying to get her sisters and roommates to be more fashionable, and she’s always checking her reflection in a mirror-some people might call her conceited, but don’t hold it against her that she’s gorgeous!

Likes; Finding the perfect outfit, striking the perfect pose, flowers (for her, of course!), perfectly pink frosted cupcakes, cute baby animals

Dislikes; Bad hair days, stained skirts, when Kit wears a black shirt with blue shorts

Favorite Song: I’ve Got No Roots, by Alice Merton

Fun Fact; Ellie wants to get her ears pierced more than anything.



Name; Michelle Vienna Thomas

Age; 11

Birthday; May 27th

Favorite Colors; Light pink and gray.

Favorite Food; Macarons

Least Favorite Food; Hot dogs. I mean, we don’t even know what’s actually IN them!

Personality; Michelle is outgoing and confident. Although she had cancer when she was nine, she doesn’t let that define her. Like Ellie, she loves fashion, however her tastes tend to be more conservative. Michelle loves to sew, and has several self-designed outfits in her wardrobe. She also loves dolls, and desperately wants a Grace doll.

Likes; Sales at the mall, fabric, lace, dolls, a new outfit

Dislikes; Tension problems on her sewing machine, not having enough lace to go around, when something doesn’t come in her size.

Favorite Song; Lost On You, by LP

Fun Fact; Michelle used to be a GOTY 2015 Grace doll, until I rewigged her.



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