Meet the Dolls


Here you can learn all about my doll’s personalities and interests, as well as find out how old they are.



Name; Margaret Mildred Kittredge Peterson

Nickname; Kit

Age; 12

Birthday; June 30th

Favorite Color; Aquamarine

Favorite Food; Pizza with Greek olives and extra cheese

Least Favorite Food; She doesn’t have one. Kit isn’t very picky.

Personality; Kit is sweet and friendly, and almost always ready to listen to her sisters. She is usually pretty quiet, but can definitely make herself heard if she wants to.

Hobbies; Kit loves photography and writing. She can usually be found typing away at her laptop computer, working on her latest plot twist.

Likes; Sharp cheddar cheese, a good plot idea, banana milkshakes, freshly sharpened pencils.

Dislikes; Abridged books, overripe bananas, when her laptop shuts down due to low battery.

Favorite Song; Wake Me Up When September Ends, by Green Day

Fun Fact; Kit was my very first doll! I got her in 2010.






Name; Adalyn Jess Mconnell

Nickname; Adi

Age; 9

Birthday; August 12

Favorite Color; Lime green, yo!

Favorite Food; Ramen noodles with a side of chicken nuggets

Least Favorite Food; Asparagus. Yuck.

Personality; Adalyn is the snarkiest little tomboy you’ll ever meet. She is fun-loving, hates sitting still, and anything girly. Don’t call her by her full name, or you’ll find itching powder in your shirt and frogs in your bed!

Hobbies; You mean besides being the most AWESOME-SAUCE SuperTuxKart player ever? Adi plays soccer recreationally.

Likes; Driving her sister nuts, hot chicken nuggets, a new high score, the perfect frog to use for pranks.

Dislikes; Dresses, having Maryellen try to make her look perfect, when her lime green shirt is dirty.

Favorite Song; Feel It Still, by Portugal the Man

Fun Fact #1; Adalyn is half Japanese and half Scottish, hence the ramen noodles!

Fun Fact #2; Adalyn was the June 2017 DOTM on



Name; Maryellen Faith Larkin

Nickname; Ellie

Age; 10

Birthday; July 17

Favorite Color; Hot pink and lavender. Very fashionable colors, you know.

Favorite Food; Cupcakes

Least Favorite Food; Tuna. Ewwwww!

Personality; If you wanted to describe Ellie in one word it would be……Diva! Ellie is sassy and queenlike, and just a little bit bossy. She’s always trying to get her sisters and roommates to be more fashionable, and she’s always checking her reflection in a mirror-some people might call her conceited, but don’t hold it against her that she’s gorgeous!

Likes; Finding the perfect outfit, striking the perfect pose, flowers (for her, of course!), perfectly pink frosted cupcakes, cute baby animals

Dislikes; Bad hair days, stained skirts, when Kit wears a black shirt with blue shorts

Favorite Song: I’ve Got No Roots, by Alice Merton

Fun Fact; Ellie wants to get her ears pierced more than anything.