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If your doll is in need of some TLC, needs a minor repair, or wants a change of looks, I can help!

Chesapeake Doll Spa provides inexpensive repairs, restorations, and customizations for your American Girl Doll. I can restore a doll to her former glory, or completely change her appearance for a minimum cost.


Get in touch with me at my Contact Page!

Some examples of my work:

My Services:

  • Wig swapping: $15 to remove an old wig and glue down a new one (normally you provide a wig, but I’m also happy to purchase one for you for a commission)
  • Skin cleaning: $10 for a basic cleanse, dirt and stains removed (not all stains come off, but most will), free with any other service.
  • Hair detangled and/or styled: Depends on the doll, but starts at $12. I can curl, straighten, or add highlights to your doll’s existing wig.
  • Limb tightening/reattachment: $10 for tightening, $15 to reattach limbs.
  • Face paint: $8 per service-freckles, lip paint, or blush.

To send your doll to me, email me using my contact page, and I’ll give you a price quote. Next, I’ll make an Etsy listing for you detailing your services, and you’ll ship your doll(s) to me. I charge whatever your post office charged you to mail your dolls.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me or leave a comment! 

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      1. I’ll have to check with my parents first, but if I do have you do it he’d need skin cleaning, the remains of his wig removed, and restringed limbs (I already tightened them, which helped slightly), and then his wig glued on!

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