The very first header I made for TheAGSpot


I’m Natalie. I started this blog in February 2017 as a safe and fun environment so that dolls lovers of all ages could share their love. While I love all dolls, I specifically blog about American Girl, or AG dolls. In order to keep this blog fun and appropriate, there are a couple of rules that everyone needs to follow;

  1. Be kind in the comments, and please do not belittle, make fun of, or name call someone else. Remember the golden rule!
  2. Please do not share anything inappropriate or very creepy.
  3. Please do not swear, cuss or use any kind of bad language.

Now that we’re done with that, I can tell you more about TheAGSpot!

I have three AG dolls; Kit, Maryellen, and Adalyn (GOTY 2006 Jess). I received Kit in 2010, and nearly loved her to pieces. I bought Maryellen for myself in 2015, just after her debut, and MONTHS of saving. Adalyn was a surprise find on ebay-I got her for $62 dollars with free shipping. Although her previous owner cut her hair, I still love and cherish her.

I started The AGSpot after having been a longtime reader of Doll Diaries. I pored over that site, and loved all the amazing creative people who posted almost daily. I was nearly heartbroken when it shut down. That was when I decided that if DD had shut down, then I was going to put something else nice on the web. In February of 2017, I hit ‘publish’ on my first post. I never imagined what a crazy, fun, and amazing journey it would take  me on. I used Blogger at first, but in August 2017 TheAGSpot moved to it’s current .com location.

Now it’s your turn! Tell me how you started your blog, or how you got into AG!