TAGS Fall Lookbook


Hello, there, readers! I disappeared again and left you all hanging, and I’m sorry about that. I have all the usual excuses (school, business, etc.) but excuses are lame, so enough about that. I’ve been sewing a lot recently, as my skills suddenly markedly improved a few months ago, mainly working with things that have set in sleeves and tailoring. Therefore, I think a lookbook is in order. Enjoy!


As summer fades into fall, it can still be hot, so Ella’s wearing a pretty pink tank top and shorts.


It’s got a peplum or ruffle on the bottom, and is just slightly longer in the back.DSCF0554

I just realize how much PINK there is in this outfit, haha.

DSCF0627When the weather really starts cooling down, try this stylish and versatile paisley dress.


It’s an A-line style with three quarter sleeves that can be rolled up.


Ella is rocking it with those amazing sausage curls.


Alexis is more the active type, and she wanted something dressy-ish, but only if it would tolerate a little kickball.


So she’s sporting (pun intended) this leopard-printΒ  tunic with a magenta placket.DSCF0600

It looks great paired with leggings and t-straps.


For casual days, Michelle is wearing a very blue outfit and jeans.


Note; The jeans and headband are the only parts I made, the shirt is IKEA, and the hoodie is Springfield.DSCF0471

Michelle looks super cute and ready for a busy day.

Is it fall-ish yet where you live? What are your dolls wearing lately?


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