Funniest AG Doll eBay Listings

Funniest AG Doll eBay Listings

You know that moment when you see something and you just can’t resist that cringe urge? Or the laugh urge? I have those moments all the time while shopping online, especially eBay. You wouldn’t believe the messed-up dolls, goofs, and out-right fails I’ve seen. But since I put together a compilation for you, you’re going to have to.

*caution; Lots of satire in this post. Not appropriate for people with no sense of humor*


1. Attempted Murder?


American Girl Doll Lea Clark – TLC – Head, Hair in great condition                                      damaged body/ dog chewed body/head-hair in great condition

Apparently this unfortunate GOTY 2016 Lea had a little run-in with a a dog. It looks to me like the dog won, because I don’t think even I could fix her without a new body, not to mention that she probably smells like dog slobber and her hand is chewed away. This doll was listed for $43.58 with two days left, but in all honesty, she’s worth around $25 tops.


2. Peg-Leg Patty


Pleasant Company~ American Girl~Doll Long Blonde Hair 2008′ *Missing leg*            “Great Used for repair Condition. Doll is missing its right leg. Body has a spot on torso, as well as…

Technically there’s nothing really wrong with this Pre-Mattel Julie, except her missing leg, but the way the seller propped her up just screamed ‘Pirate’ to me. Where’s your parrot and treasure, Peg-Leg Patty?


3. A Little Over Done



You know those people who say dolls are creepy? Well, for once they’re right about this doll. I couldn’t help but cringe at her…those eyes, those eyebrows, that HAIR. And pink hearts on her cheeks? Is she supposed to be a barbie? It’ll be a miracle if this doll gets sold, believe me. Even my brother Perry thinks so…as he said,

”Ugh, is that a zombie doll? It’s so creepy.”


4. Not American Girl


American Girl Dolls Lot Pale Skin Blonde /Dark Skinned Brown Hair Doll & Scooter

NOT. AMERICAN. GIRL. I legit want to contact this seller and yell at them about how these are SO CLEARLY not AG, so please don’t market them as such. The necks of the dolls say ”BATTAT” and ”Madame Alexander”. Have you, dear anonymous eBay seller, no eyeballs??

dividerI think a TV gameshow where people all try to list the same item on eBay different ways and whoever sell their item first wins. I’d totally watch that.


48 thoughts on “Funniest AG Doll eBay Listings

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      1. Actually, wigs from Beautifully Custom usually cost $40, so that’s not so crazy. I wouldn’t pay that much for a second-hand one, though, lol

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  1. LOL I’ve seen some of these! I always want to contact the owner when they get the name of a doll wrong or they say it’s AG when it’s not. I actually told my mom I should buy that Lea XD I’m pretty sure I can’t fix that doll LOL! (Plus I may have *cough* bought a different doll instead *cough*) I have quite a few people ask what Avery’s hand looks like under her cast, well, it looks like Lea’s chewed hand in that picture 😂😂😂 great post Natalie!
    -Katie 🙂

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    1. Me, too! There should be a club for that-eBay Listing Corrections Inc., XD. Well, I suppose you could try, but….I wouldn’t risk the $40! I think it’s really clever how Avery wears a bandage. Do you think you’ll ever get her arm replaced?

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      1. LOL yes! There should be XD yeah, that’s what I was kinda thinking too, that doll ended up going for $60!!! I mean what the what?!? You could get a really nice used AG doll for that! Thanks 😊 I don’t think so… It would cost $45 and I would have to pay shipping for her to get there and stuff. Plus the Hospital isn’t very trust worthy, someone sent her doll there and they cut her doll’s hair! I also heard that it might not be your doll they send back to you.
        -Katie 🙂


  2. I do hope those dolls get bought by someone who can fix them!:) Also…why would someone claim those two dolls are AG when they aren’t ?

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  3. Okay then… Where do I start? 😂
    It seems as though Lea’s been through a lot… (Not to mention she’s probably in Heaven by now…)
    Personally, I kinda like Peg Legged Patty. She’d be cool for a disabled doll, if you know what I mean.
    Yeah, those definitely aren’t AG.
    I would totally watch that show!

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    1. Precisely. We’ll have to ask Lea to pray for us, XD.
      Oooh, good idea! I just thought it was funny how she was propped up.
      I KNOW! Would you like to join our support group for those who have been disturbed by the zombie doll?
      I would, too!

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  4. I think I would have tried to talk them down on the price of the Lea doll and tried to sew her back together.

    One note: There are no Pre-Mattel Julie dolls. the transition was complete in 2002 and Julie released in 2007. Some heads can still have a PC mark because they wanted to use up existing stock.

    The non-AG listed as AG is annoying. I’m with you in wanting to contact the seller and call them out.

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    1. I would have probably done that, if I had any money then , haha.
      Really? I didn’t know, thanks for telling me, Xyra! I’ll have to correct that. 🙂
      YES! I try to give them the benefit of the doubt, but sometimes it seems like they’re genuinely just being dishonest.


  5. Once I saw an eBay listing that said Pleasant Company doll, and it was a Tenney doll! I also hate when people on eBay sell dolls for like $150 when you can buy them at AG Place for only $115. Check my eBay if you can please: emmit-25

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    1. What? That’s preposterous, clearly the person was either a scammer or didn’t know what they were talking about. I hate that, too-and yet they still sell! Oooh, I’ll definitely do that-what do you sell?


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