The Hunt; A Photostory


The Hunt.png

Happy Easter, mes amies! I hope you’re all having a relaxing day eating chocolate and hunting for eggs. Speaking of eggs, Adalyn seems to be up to something….


Sunday, April 1st, 2018.

Adalyn scanned the horizon with an eagle eye. She knew what she was looking for. Eggs, hidden by Meg. It was Easter Sunday, and Adalyn was bent on being egg-hunt champion this year. And this year, she had an advantage.

”Here, eggy-eggy-eggs!” she called softly under her breath.


”Gotcha.” Adalyn slipped a shiny pink egg into her basket.


”One down,” she thought as she walked slowly by an old flower bed. ”Only a dozen more to go.”


”Aha!” Hidden among a pile of bricks, Adalyn located a blue egg, precariously wedged in among some brush.


”Ha, thought you could hide in the grass, eh? You’re no match for me!


Not even prickly branches deterred Adalyn as her basket steadily grew heavier with the eggs she found.

”Score another one for Adi,” she thought as she reached for a purple egg.


Another blue one, placed on top of a mass of vines. Adalyn scooped it up.


As carefully as she could, without getting her best dress dirty, Adalyn groped inside the crotch of an old stump for her second purple egg.


”Hasn’t anyone told you not to make the same mistake twice?” Adalyn asked the green egg she found half covered by grass.


Now Adalyn had found all the eggs…except one. The golden egg, half truth, half legend, still had not been discovered. It wasn’t just any old egg, either. The person who found the golden egg was fabulously rewarded.


Sure, her basket was brimming with the eggs she had already collected, but if she could just find the golden egg…She’d have it all. Unlimited bragging rights, first dibs on the TV for a month, and the biggest slice of the Easter ham. The bliss!


Trying not to get her white sandals stained, she scanned the dormant neighborhood garden.


Then she spotted it, shining gold, almost buried in the dirt.


”This gives a new meaning to ‘digging for gold’,” Adalyn thought as she carefully dug the egg out.


And there it was. Gleaming in the sunny morning, she beheld it.


The biggest slice of ham, the first dibs on the TV. The unlimited bragging rights. She, Adalyn Mconnell, was the champion Easter-egg hunter, thanks to her ingenious trick. Ella had zero! Michelle had zero! She had all of two dozen.


Sunday, April 1st, 2018. 7:01 am

With her full basket, brimming with glee, Adalyn skipped inside to wake her sisters with her newfound bragging rights.

”After all,” she thought. ”The early bird gets the worm-er, egg!”

Easter had never been sweeter.



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