What I’ve Sewn Recently|Pictures Of My Dolls In The Rain

What I've Sewn Recently[my dolls in the rain].png

Whew, long title. I promised myself that over spring break I’d focus on doll blogging-and when the week’s weather seemed to be going in the cold, rainy direction, I thought I’d sit down and do some serious sewing. Believe it or not, I actually made some decent-looking pieces-shocking, eh?  In fact, I was so proud of them that I braved the cold, overcast outdoors and took pictures of my dolls modeling them. Take a look and tell me what you guys think.



My first item isn’t that exciting, but I’ve been needing these for a while; a simple pair of doll jeggings.


It’s funny that I didn’t have any, but when my little sister ripped a whole in one of her jeans I snatched them up and turned them into a pair of doll capris. Adi seems to like them, so I suppose they’re a hit!



For my birthday back in January, I received a wonderful book called Doll Days! Sew An Everyday Wardrobe For 18” Dolls by Erin Hentzel. It had some great patterns, and one of them was this cute party dress. It looked like just the thing for Ella (who’s name I arbitrarily decided to change, along with Kit’s), so I sat down yesterday with about 1/2 a yard of fabric and some strong resolve. I think it stitched up rather nicely.


It has a full skirt and fitted bodice.


And sweet little peplums around the short, puffed sleeves.


I think it’s one of my best projects yet.



Meg (formerly Kit) is modeling my last item, a button-down shirt (minus the buttons, which I haven’t added yet). It’s made of a lovely water-color style blue print fabric, paired with a pastel yellow one.


It too has peplums on the sleeves, as well as a collar.


I’ve been a little french-braid crazy, maybe because I only recently learned to really do them well.

It was lightly drizzling while I was taking these, and a drop landed right on Meg’s cheek. It looked vaguely like a tear, but I didn’t think much of it until it occurred to me that the stone she was standing on resembled a tiny gravestone, and was surrounded by those little wildflowers. Then  it started raining harder, and all I could think of was ”Oh, my. The world is crying.”

Sorry, that was needlessly morbid, please accept my most cheerful apologies.


34 thoughts on “What I’ve Sewn Recently|Pictures Of My Dolls In The Rain

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  1. Great job Natalie! I love the blue top 🙂 the new names are very pretty! What made you decide to change them? (I hope that question doesn’t sound mean or anything like I don’t like their names, because I really do like them! Especially Meg, I’m just a curious person 😊)
    -Katie 🙂

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  2. Oh my gosh, you did such a good job! I’m a terrible sewer😄 I guess I just don’t have the patience or something😜 Love the braid! It actually looks more like a lace braid since you only added hair on one side😉

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