Printable Doll Easter Baskets

Printable Doll Easter Baskets.png

Hello, friends!

If my posting activity was a pop quiz, I just got a big fat F-.

I said I’d post twice a week-aaaaand I haven’t posted since the 5th. Real consistent, aren’t I?

Anyway, you guys don’t really want to hear me rant about life’s problems, do you? That’s what cats are for. Well, that and snuggling, And being generally awesome.

It’s two weeks until Easter! I’m still in shock about that, time is going by too fast! (Or maybe it’s just that Easter is early this year, beats me.)

Your dolls are going to need some baskets to put their Easter loot in, as well as their eggs filled with huge amounts of carbs candy.

In case you haven’t given any kind of thought to this, don’t panic, friends, I have a printable that will solve your problems!

Simply print the baskets below, cut out, fold and glue on the dotted lines, and add the handle. Then fill it with whatever your doll desires.

There are four premade patterns, something for every doll’s taste. But in case you have a picky doll, you can color in the blank template for something unique.

To print, right-click on the images, and hit ‘save’ and the ‘print’.





I took these pictures two days ago, and it was around 65 degrees. Now it’s snowing. I’m depressed. I’m hoping it’ll melt soon. Hoping.


65 thoughts on “Printable Doll Easter Baskets

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  1. I don’t have an AG doll but I love the designs so I’ll just increase the size and have one to myself. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Btw whaaat the french braid looks so good – please do mine! πŸ˜‚

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  2. Haha, don’t worry an the posting. It happens to the best of us. The Easter baskets are cute! I actually already have my Easter post written and ready to be published.(me trying to be on top of things. Let’s hope this lasts) HAHA, snowing! That’s cool. Do you by any chance live in like western NC or something?(you definitely don’t have to answer that if you feel it’s too personal) I love snow.

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    1. I can’t wait for your Easter post, I’m sure it’ll be great! (I admire your foresight, I have no idea what I’m doing for Easter). No, I live in the Chesapeake Bay area-normally by now it’s like 65 degrees every day, but not this year, haha! I like snow, too, but for now, I’m ready for daffodils and crocuses and all that. πŸ™‚

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  3. I totally understand why you haven’t been posting. I try to stick to a schedule for my blogging, and it NEVER. WORKS. XD I LOVE this craft idea! I will be making one of these for my dolls. Since my printer prints black and white, I will use the white one. How did you make the pattern? You are SO CREATIVE!!!! Thank you so much for doing this post! Can you do a craft on how to make Easter eggs for AG dolls? I have no Easter eggs or anything that looks like Easter eggs. Have a great day!



    1. Posting schedules are tricky, hehe. Thank you! I made the printables with GIMP (a little like Canva or Picmonkey for Arch Linux). Did you decorate the white one?? I’d love to see pictures on your doll’s blog! Aww, thanks, you are so sweet. πŸ’š

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      1. Yeah, same with me. XD No problem! I GIMP free? I am always trying to find things like Canva or stuff like that. Yes, I did! I printed out the rose on too. I still have to make it. XD I will do that! No problem! Thank you. πŸ˜€

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  4. Yeah snow go away I had a really fun field trip to the African American Museum canceled AGAIN because of snow. My dad and I made a snowman and we dubbed it “Happy First Day of Spring.”

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