CYOs, Luciana, Boy Dolls, Oh My!

CYO's, Luciana, Boy Dolls,

Hello, readers! I’m briefly back with one of my far-and-in-between posts during my semi-hiatus. I’ve been thinking a lot about AG’s new doll releases lately, in particular, the Create Your Own line, Luciana, and the Boy Dolls. Originally, I was super excited for the first two, but now? I’m not so sure. Here’s why.

When Luciana was leaked, I was practically euphoric. A purple streak in her wig, she’s into space, and she’s Hispanic? Oh, happy day! And I must say that the doll herself is very pretty. For a while, I was actually considering purchasing her. But, after looking through the catalogue that arrived on my doorstep, I realized she wasn’t right for me. First, I couldn’t seem to put together a personality for her. She also looks a bit too similar to Lea, who at one point I would love to purchase at some point. Lastly, her purple streak looked cheap up close. While Luciana is cute as a doll, and has some great accessories, I will not be purchasing her.

I was incredibly excited for Luciana, but when the Boy TMs leaked, my reaction was something along the lines of ”Ew. That’s so weird, it’s American GIRL.” However, my views on them, like my views on Luciana, changed. Having boy dolls opens up way more diverse play options, from brothers, to fathers, to (I kind of cringe at this, but it probably happens) boyfriends. And, I suppose, if boys want to play, they can. Also, American Girl is probably trying to tone down the custom-boy-doll market on eBay. I think that the boy dolls were a good idea, but I’m personally not big on the way they turned out. I do eventually want a boy doll, but I’ll be making a custom one (sorry, AG!).

As for the Create Your Own line (which from here on out will be known as the CYO Line), I only heard about it days before it released. I thought it was cool, and I hoped to get one-even though they were $200. I played around on the customizer (which, in all honesty, did disappoint me somewhat. I was hoping you could get Lea’s wig, and Caroline’s eyes, which you can’t). Then, I heard about the glitches occurring the CYO dolls. Crooked eyes, half-attached wigs, and mixed-up orders. Then I realized something-I could get a custom doll on eBay for less than $200, and it would actually be one-of-a-kind (such as a Grace with a short wig, to use Michelle as an example). I could also simply customize a doll myself and spend even less. This was what eventually led me to create Michelle-I wanted a 100% unique doll, for less than what AG was charging. Like the Boy TM line, I think AG was trying to tone down the custom-doll market on eBay. But, unfortunately, it’s still not the same. I love having unique dolls-I love that nobody else has a Michelle, and that she’s 100% mine and special-and most of the dolls I get in the future will be customs; the doll(s) I am purchasing soon are not customs, they will probably be my last non-altered AG dolls.

Whew! This post came out about twice as long as I thought it would-I had a lot to say about these three new releases, and I guess I didn’t really get at it when I did my opinions post of the Spring Releases. Farewell for now, peeps!


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  1. I can agree with you on some of these things. I think Luciana is cute, but I would rather buy a different doll. I would also love to get the CYO dolls, but I don’t want to risk getting a bad one. I don’t know about the boy dolls… Great post!


  2. I totally agree with you on the CYO dolls. I’ve seen Youtube videos where the dolls had eye hole problems… which is partly why I decided against one. I like the idea of boy dolls, and I’m hoping to get one of AG’s (the Asian one specifically). Luci does resemble Lea especially in the skin tone, face-mold, and eyebrows which are exactly alike I believe. I’m not concerned about that though since I don’t have Lea. Also, have you heard that some Luciana dolls have come without the purple streaks (Katie told me)? That would be a risk for me. Yet, I really can’t say no to her absolute adorableness and have grown to like her more. I’m asking for her for my B-day. She is definitely more unique than Gabriella. I love reading thought posts, so thanks for doing this!


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    1. I know-I heard of one doll that had a torn eye socket! *cringe* My other objection to Luciana is just that I can’t seem to figure out what I’d name her…she’s is beautiful, I hope you get her with a purple streak! She is, I agree-Gabby was a real disappointment. I’m glad you enjoyed it, it was very cathartic to write!

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  3. Yeah, the problems with the CYOs is pretty concerning. AG seems to be having a lot of quality problems…. I’m not a huge fan of the boy dolls, I like that with Carter (my custom OG boy) that I can use him in photo stories instead of making my girl dolls look like boys ( which is why I made Carter for Nutcracker), but I’m won’t be buying or making any more boys.
    -Katie πŸ™‚

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      1. Yeah, I was going to do that for Nutcracker originally, but I felt bad for making one of the girls play the Nutcracker prince XD Will you be customizing a AG doll for a boy? Thank you! I tried my best, I was cringing the whole time… I’m not very good at hair cuts on dolls XD
        -Katie πŸ™‚

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      2. Aww thank you 😊 cool! Yeah, I can only think of once where that went well for me, but they sell a lot of boy wigs on eBay. I almost thought about putting a boy wig I found on Carter because he has a hole on top of his head, bit decided to save it and use it as a pixie cut if I ever run into a TLC AG doll in a thrift store (yeah Katie, keep dreaming XD)
        -Katie πŸ™‚

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  4. I didn’t know that the CYO Dolls have had problems like that! I would be mad to spend 200 dollars on doll that’s eye is crooked or something! I agree I like Luciana but her wig is not good quality at all. I was disappointed.

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