What I’ve Learned In Nearly A Year Of Blogging


cropped-newheadpic3.pngPretzels. In February, I will have been blogging for a YEAR. 12 months. 365 days. Countless hours, minutes, and seconds. I was thinking about how many new bloggers have joined the WP community, and I was thinking about all the things I’ve learned (sometimes the hard way) about blogging. So here is some of my good old fashioned, learned-the-hard-way wisdom for you all.

Be Yourself

I know that sounds clichéd, but seriously, nobody likes a blogger who is just like everybody else. Write in your own style, design your blog uniquely, come up with your own ideas. Just be you-because everyone else is taken.

Proper Grammar and Spelling Make All The Difference

This is super important, so LISTEN UP! Ever hear of a thing called spellcheck? USE IT. When somebody sees a blog with misspelled words, no matter how great the story, the impression they get is ”what a crummy blog”. It only takes a few extra seconds to correct that  word, and the result is so much more professional.

Take Nice Pictures!

If you do nothing else, DO take good pictures! Blurry, oversized, darkly lit pictures make a blog look horrible no matter what. You need to use a camera (no, an iPad is not a camera), use the zoom, and either use spotlights or shoot near a window. Size your pictures so that they don’t overwhelm the computer screen, and edit them if need be. This WILL make a difference in how many people read your blog, I promise.

Comment On Other People’s Blogs

What’s the best way to get more traffic? Leave a friendly, encouraging comment on someone’s blog, sign your name, and add the link to your blog.  Most of the time, the person will come over to your blog and leave a comment. If they follow you make sure to thank them! Important; NEVER say things like ”Can you look at my blog?” Or ”Will you follow me?” believe me, people hate that, and won’t  follow or comment!

Be Cheerful About Your Follower Count

Always look on the bright side, no matter what! Don’t say ”C’mon! Why do I only have 20 followers?” instead, say ”Thank you to my 20 amazing followers who stick with me day in and day out!” Your followers will smile, and so will you.

Your Follower Count Does Not Accurately Depict Who Reads Your Blog

I have 38 followers (big thank you to all of you!), but when I used blogger, I had 5. Literally. But I had more than 5 people commenting, so I knew that my follower count didn’t really matter.


I hope you guys enjoyed this, and learned some things off of my wisdom. I can’t believe I’ve been blogging for nearly a year! Thank you so much to everyone who comments, likes my posts, and follows me. You continually make my day.


26 thoughts on “What I’ve Learned In Nearly A Year Of Blogging

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      1. I started Anything in the Wonderful Life at the beginning of March!! Congrats on your almost blogiversary too!

        ~ Arabella (anythinginthewonderfullife.wordpress.com)

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  1. Agh. What an encouraging blog. I keep asking other bloggers for advice and it’s so true that you need to just be yourself and stay consistent. It’s so easy to become discouraged when it seems like no one reads your blogs, but you just gotta keep going! Thanks for sharing!

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