The New Year’s Eve Party


Lea surveyed the New Year’s Eve party that was in full swing. It was definitely worth the effort to put together, she decided. And everyone was definitely having a good time.


Michelle was partaking of the treat table, laden with Hershey Kisses, cupcakes, muffins, cookies, candy canes, drinks, and just about any other sugary delight you could name.


”I really  think that blue looks best!” Allie paused to sip her hot cider. She and Maryellen  were engaged in a good-natured argument over what color looked best on redheads.

”But that’s only because you have blue eyes! Pink is the way to go!” Ellie countered.


Lea paused to rub the head of her dog, Duncan. He had been diligently begging beneath the table.

”Trust me, Duncan, you don’t want any chocolate. I’ll feed you before I go to bed, ok boy?”


I still think I’d like it, though!


”Hey, guys! Having fun?” Lea asked her two fashion-forward friends.

”Yeah!” Ellie replied.

”This cider is delicious!” added Allie.


”Guys!” Michelle called. ”It’s 11:58! We need to get ready for the countdown!”


The girls gathered around the big old grandfather clock, tensely waiting.


5, 4, 3, 2, 1!

Happy New Year!!


”I can’t believe it’s 2018!” Lea exclaimed as she poured herself a drink.


”I know, right?” Ellie agreed. ”I’m resolving to keep my wardrobe more organized this year!”


I’m going to finish the Lord Of The Rings series!” Allie announced.


”Here’s to us and all our New Year’s Resolutions!!” Michelle cried excitedly.


Many thanks to my awesome friend Grace who very kindly lent me Lea and Allie and was super helpful in setting up the scenes.



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