Christmas Eve in the Dollhouse


Hello, peppermints! Merry Christmas Eve! I have a sweet photostory for all my awesome readers.


”Ok, guys! The lights are on the tree, so bring the decorations in!” Kit called.


”Oof!” Adalyn grunted. ”Here are the ornaments!”

”Just set them down over there.” Kit gestured to a spot next to the tree.

DSCF7089”Oooh! Can I turn on the lights?” Adalyn asked, reaching for the switch.

”No, Adi, we have to wait for Ellie.”

”Aw, you’re no fun!” Adi pouted.


Ellie stumbled in with a basket. ”Here’s some more decorations!” she called.

”Great, now we can get started!” Kit said.

”Let’s start with the tree this year!” Ellie suggested.


Kit opened the box of ornaments with a flourish. A delicious scent of cinnamon and pine trees filled the air. The ornaments sparkled in the afternoon light.


Ellie quickly hung a blue ball on the tree. ”I’ll go first!” she cried.


Kit followed suit and hung a pink ball on the tree. The decorating had begun!

DSCF7103Adalyn hung a pinecone on the bottommost branch.


”Hey!” Ellie said. ”It’s my special angel ornament! I thought we lost this last year!”

”I guess not!” Kit laughed. ”That one’s your favorite, isn’t it?”



She tenderly hung it on the tree.


”Well, that’s all the ornaments! Who wants to put the star on top?”

”You do it this year, Kit.” Ellie offered graciously.


Kit gently set the star on top, as it shone in the dimming light.


The lights clicked on, and the room was filled with a warm, white glow. Kit was still holding the star with the tips of her fingers.


Her eyes sparkled with tears as she looked up at the beautiful tree.


”Kit,” Ellie said softly, slipping her arm in around her sister. ”Are you okay?”


”I-I was just remembering the first Christmas Natalie had me, and how I slept in her room, and how she saved all her money to buy meΒ  a dress. I-I guess I just miss being the special one.”

”Oh, Kit, you’re still special!”

DSCF7129”I love you guys,” Kit sniffled over Ellie’s shoulder


”Well IΒ hate to interrupt this mushy moment-” Adalyn butted in; ”-but we have stockings to hang!”

”Go ahead, Adi. Youngest goes first!”


Adalyn didn’t need to be told twice. She grabbed a light green stocking and held it up, picturing all the goodies that would be stuffed inside.


She hung it carefully on a hook on the wall.


Ellie went next. She pulled her purple stocking out of the box, and admired it for a moment.


And hung it on the hook next to Adalyn’s.

”Your turn, Kit!” she cried.


Tenderly, Kit pulled a red stocking out of the box. It wasn’t the most neatly sewn, or the biggest, but Kit wouldn’t trade it for anything else.


She hung it next to her sisters stockings.


”You know, I don’t say this enough, but…”


”You guys are the best.”

Merry Christmas Eve!





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