Doll Hat Review//Thank You, Anna!

DSCF7025Hello, peppermints! (I feel like my names for you all just keep getting weirder…oh, well.) Anna sent me a super awesome hat to review! Anna has an etsy shop called StitchesAndPictures, where she sells the coziest, cutest AG hats and sweaters around. She is a truly AMAZING knitter. So, on to the review!


We got mail!! Kit is excited to open it!


She’s ready with the scissors!


So the first thing I pulled out was this incredibly sweet note Anna sent me! Thank you, Anna! I will be pinning this on my bulletin board. 🙂


And now, the hat!


Oh. My. Goodness. It’s so cute and soft! I can’t wait to put it on Kit!


Ta-da! Kit looks SO cute and trendy in this. I l-o-v-e the color.

The hat is knitted in stockinette stitch (the ‘v’ stitch, for non-knitters) and the edge is ribbed. THE CUTENESS!!



”Thanks SO much, Anna! Bye, peppermints!”


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