Christmas Craft-A-Thon; AG Christmas Wreath!


Hello, peeps! Today, to kick off the Christmas Craft-A-Thon, I’ll be showing you how to make this uber cute  doll wreath. Although I made mine the right size for AG, you could resize it for almost any doll, such as blythe, BJD, or even mini dolls.


You’ll Need;

  • 1 Red pipe cleaner
  • 8-12 green pom-poms
  • 1-2 green pipe cleaners
  • Hot glue
  • Scissors


Step 1. Bend your pipe cleaner into a circle, and twist the ends under neatly. This is the base of your wreath.


Step 2. Begin hot gluing your pom-poms to your pipe cleaner base…


…and keep going, all the way around.




Step 3. Take your red pipe cleaner, and twist/bend/coil it into a bow-like thing. (I’m very descriptive, XD)


Step 4. Glue your bow onto your wreath. You can also add a loop for hanging.


Kit is all ready to decorate for Christmas! Do you hang or make wreaths for your house?


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