On Unicorns, Pizza, and Sisters//Letters From K



In case you need a refresher, here is Kit’s previous letter!
Dear Kate,
You got a new sister?? OMGosh, that’s so cool! I love the name Ashtyn Grace, and I hope you guys become besties. I love getting new sisters-Natalie says we are probably going to get a new one sometime soon. Oooh, our CATS should be penpals! We could call it the Cookie Correspondence!
AUGH! DID YOU JUST SAY YOU DIDN’T LIKE GREEK OLIVES UGH KATE YOU ARE EVIL!! Haha, just kidding. I like cheese, too. I really wish I had a horse-My sister says she’d rather get a unicorn that breathes rainbows or whatever, but I told her that that wasn’t happening anytime soon. She made a pouty face. Starlight Blaize sounds soooooooo beautiful, pleeeaase send me pictures!! When I grow up, I want to be either a writer or a vet, like you. I can’t decide.
Your Friend,
So, are you guys liking this collab? I hope it’s not boring you all!


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  1. Nice picture at the top! The only thing is, (hope you don’t mind me saying it) but what if people don’t remember what Kate’s last letter was? They might be totally lost reading Kit’s. I just put in Kit’s and Kate’s because a month is a while to remember. Just a suggestion.

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