New Blogger Award; Thanks Arabella!

the-new-blogger-tagHello, lovely readers! Arabella tagged me for the New Blogger Tag! Thank you so much, Arabella! Now, the rules are;

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you + give a link back to their blog
  2. Answer the questions below
  3. Nominate at least 3 new bloggers
  4. Ask at least 5 more questions for them to answer.

Arabella asked these questions;


Q. Why and when did you start blogging?

A. I started blogging in February 2017. I loved dolls and photography, and I guess I wanted share my pictures on the internet.

Q. Who inspires you?

A. Hmm….in terms of fellow bloggers? Madison, from Delightful World Of Dolls, and Samantha from AG Doll Awesome. In terms of people I know in real life? My friend who wishes to remain anonymous.

Q. What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

A. Watching The Flash, baking, and crocheting.

Q. What gave you the idea for your blog?

A. I was mainly inspired by Doll Diaries.

Q. Look to your right! What do you see?

A. The fridge-I am sitting at my kitchen island.

Q. Where do you blog (bedroom, couch, phone, anything like that would work)?

A. Usually in the kitchen, but sometimes on the couch.

Q. What is your favorite TV show?

A. The Flash

Q. What is your blog mainly about?

A. American girl dolls.

Q. How many siblings do you have?

A. Five. Three brothers, two sisters.

Q. Country or City?

A. Country! I am a farm girl. That being said, I cannot stand country music-I like indie rock.

Q. What is your favorite blog?

A. I have several! I love Delightful World Of Dolls, AG Doll Awesome, Stuffie Adventures, and Glittery Little Nerd.

Q. If you could dye your hair any color, what color would you pick and why?

A. Blue!

Q. What is your favorite color?

A. A sea foam mint color.


That was super fun! Now, I nominate……..

  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .


In her own words, Cocoa blogs about ”Nerdiness and sparkly stuff”. She started blogging in September, and YOU GUYS SHE WATCHES THE FLASH. AND SHE’S OBSESSED WITH IT LIKE I AM! Anyway, my questions for her are;

  1. How long did it take you to design your blog?
  2. Where do you blog?
  3. Strawberries or blueberries?
  4. Parmesan or Cheddar?
  5. What operating system do you use? (Apple, Linux, Windows)
  6. Do you like American girl dolls?
  7. Favorite ice cream flavor?

Have fun Cocoa! I can’t wait to see your answers!


One thought on “New Blogger Award; Thanks Arabella!

Add yours

  1. *Stares at screen* *Blinks* *Screams* THANK YOU, NATALIE!!!!!! OMG, I had never even heard of your blog, but all of a sudden I had 5 followers, and I was just like, ”WHAT?” And I checked the site referrers and their was TAGS, right at the top! So THANK YOU!! I can’t wait to do my first award!
    -Cocoa, The Glittery Little Nerd-

    Liked by 1 person

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