Letters from K//Collab with JustAG

It’s finally here! Kit and Kate are doing a collab! Kate wrote Kit a letter that you can see here. Here is Kit’s reply;



Dear Kate.
You sound so awesome! I’ve always wanted a pen pal! (Yes, my human drives me nuts sometimes. She’s SO unorganized!) Anyway, I have two sisters named Adalyn and Maryellen. I’m the oldest, though, so I get to boss them around, mwahahaha.  I have a cat, too! She’s a little white kitten named Muffmallow (we couldn’t decide on Muffin vs Marshmallow, so my cousin settled it with Muffmallow.) She is the cutest little thing you will ever see!! Wow, I must be really famous if your doll is named after me.

Now, about me….hmmm….Well, I am twelve years old and I love writing and photography. I don’t have a mini doll, but my sister does, and I like to photograph her. I’m not really a girly-girl, but I do have my ears pierced and I like wearing earrings as long as they aren’t too dangly. Do you like studs or dangles better?  I try to stay calm in stressful situations, but sometimes I do lose it. What’s your favorite food? Mine is pizza with greek olives and extra cheese. I have to go now, because I need to clean my room before dinner.

Yours Truly,



Hooray! Now Kit has a penpal! Tune in next time at JustAG to see what Kate says next!


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