Hi, guys!

Well, I finally did it! I started an Etsy Shop!! I’m so excited now that it is open for business! I should probably slow down, though. I will be selling handmade doll accessories, TheAGSpot T-shirts, and the occasional complete outfit. I currently only have two items for sale, but I will have lots more soon! Here are some pictures;



This is my first item, a set of three hand-sewn pinwheel barrettes for dolls. I can’t get over how adorable it looks on Kit.


My second item is technically the same, just in a different color. I guess this is going to be my signature item, because I can make these SUPER easily, in something like 5 minutes. Don’t they look great on Ellie?


Here’s the graphic for the t-shirts! I’m still finishing those, so they aren’t available currently, but they will be soon.

The T-shirts will be $5.00 each, and the barrettes are $2.00

So who’s excited??? Click HERE to head over to TAGS Doll Boutique!


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    1. Hi, Cayla! I use a special type of paper made specifically for high heat, and print my logo on using a laser printer. Once it’s printed, I can iron it onto the fabric, and it will stay on even through washing. Thanks for commenting!


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