Updates And A Photo Dump

Hello peeps! Today I have a photo dump for you in which I will talk about upcoming plans for the AGSpot, so don’t move!


I’m so proud of this picture, I honestly do not know how I balanced her! This was for the June DOTM on Dollsnall.


So…TAGS updates! We now have 25 followers! YAY! Thank you so much!! I need to do something special to celebrate this, hmmm…..


On another note, Kit andΒ Kate are doing a collab! I’m not releasing any more details, but I should have the first post up by Monday.


Bragging time! Yes, I took this picture. Yes, I’m very proud of it. And NO, I did not edit it.


It’s so……out of focus! Wait, I think I lost my focus…what were we talking about? Oh, yes, right! Upcoming stuff! One of these upcoming updates is that TAGS is getting an etsy shop! I’ve been working at this for a while, and it’s almost ready.


Doesn’t Adalyn look comfy?Β Until she gets kicked off I made this hammock out of a dishtowel, fyi. And now, a question; Would you guys like me to make a post on what my dolls are wearing for Halloween? Or would that bore you out of your skull? Tell me in the comments!


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      1. So it is still not fixed… My site is actually justagd, here-https://justagd.blogspot.com/ . I had to put a d in there cause someone had already taken it. Hope this works!

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