A Walk With Adi//Photoshoot

Hello, lovely readers!! (especially those of you following-I now have 17 of you!!)

Today Adalyn went for a walk, and I took some pictures, but we disagreed about what was happening in them. So, to be fair, each picture will have two synopses to it-Adalyn’s and mine.



Natalie; The wind gently ruffled Adalyn’s dark hair as she crunched through the autumn leaves…

Adalyn; Well, yeah, the disobedient and thoroughly UN-awesome wind blew my hair in my face because SOMEBODY made me wear it down instead of putting it in a ponytail!

Natalie; I’m dramatizing the story! It’s a thing writers do.

Natalie; Adalyn looked at the lovely colors on the trees as she walked along. Fall was such a nice season!

Adalyn; I was looking at the kids playing kickball across the street. I love kickball, but I was stuck being photographed. At least my merciless guardian braided my hair.



Natalie; Adalyn smiled at the camera for just a moment before walking off.

Adalyn; HEY! That did NOT happen! Are you traumatizing the story again??!

Natalie; It’s dramatizing, and yes, I was.

Adalyn; Well I think now you’re just making stuff up! I was asking you when lunch was!


Natalie; Adalyn lay on the soft grass enjoying the-

Adalyn; I was staring at a really cool bug, and YOU know it. Are all writers fibbers? ‘Cause fibbers are so NOT awesome.

Natalie; I’m not fibbing, Adi, I’m just…er….um….oh, alright, FINE that was stretching the truth.

Adalyn; *chants* Liar, liar, pants on fire-

Natalie; *Throws hands up in frustration* Ok! Fine! YOU caption these pictures!!

Adalyn; Thank you.

Natalie; You are welcome. However, I really thought you’d rather eat lunch?

Adalyn; Lunch? Did you say lunch?

Natalie; Oh, nothing fancy. Just ramen noodles and chicken nuggets. And I do believe there are some cheese curls in the pantry…

Adalyn; *runs to kitchen as fast as she can*

Natalie; I do hope she doesn’t trip.





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