Luciana At Last!


Hello!! Guess wha-at!! PICTURES OF LUCIANA HAVE LEAKED AT LAST WHOOPEE!! Who’s freaking excited?? I am. Anyway, you are probably dying to see the pictures so….


And here she is! She is so pretty! I must say I had pictured her as a redhead, but the Josefina mold and that lovely hair is very becoming to her. I know some people are saying she looks like #66, but she appears to have shorter hair, AND  a purple streak. She also has a robotic dog! How cool is that???? I have one more;


Isn’t she so pretty??!!!


I’m sorry this was short but I have ballet tomorrow, so I have to go to bed now.


11 thoughts on “Luciana At Last!

  1. Yes, I’m pretty bummed that she looks exactly like my new doll Paige. I definitely will not get her, but I do hope that they offer an offer where I, along with others that have #66, receive her meet outfit for free. Good job on posting these pictures quickly!



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