Why I Will Not Be Purchasing Any More Dolls

Hello, Friends.

Today I was looking at American Girl Wiki (americangirlwiki) when I came across something that made my jaw drop and my heart sink.VERYVERYBADI cannot put into words how sad and disappointed I am in AG. I cannot believe they would do something as terrible as this. Hillary Clinton goes against EVERYTHING, and I mean EVERYTHING, that I, as a Catholic (Christian) stand for. Hillary holds that abortion is ”totally fine” and no matter what she says, killing a helpless child will NEVER be okay. That alone is enough to make me boycott AG, but there are SO many more (totally inappropriate for this audience) things that Hillary holds and has done.



I cannot let AG go and do this while still giving them my money. This was a very hard decision to make, however, I am making it with gusto.


I Will NO LONGER Be Buying From AG

This does not necessarily mean that I will not be getting any more dolls. I will still be buying accessories and other things, but I will be buying them in used condition from Ebay, and most of them will be older.

I try to stay politically neutral here, but what AG did was just too  much. I hope you will all understand my decision.




22 thoughts on “Why I Will Not Be Purchasing Any More Dolls

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  1. I am so disappointed with AG after hearing this! Of all the good women that could have had a book based on them, why would they choose her? She certainly does not represent the characteristics of someone I would want any little girl to mimic!

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    1. Me, too! I wish American Girl would try and be more neutral. You are completely right-there are TONS of way more wholesome women they could have written about. And YES, you basically just summed Hillary up, LOL.

      Thank you so much for commenting!!

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  2. WHY DID AG DO THISSSSSS!!!!!! I was really wanting to buy a lot of stuff from AG for Christmas. I am boycotting AG. I love your blog! I followed it! Will you check out my blog?
    I will still be buying doll clothes for my doll.


  3. Oh my gosh!!!! AG what is wrong with you! I’ve watched all the terrible things you’ve been doing and now you do this?!?! You stand with the person that hates everything Christians stand for?!? That’s it, I’m done. I’m with you Natalie, I will no longer be buying ANYTHING from AG. Thank you for posting this and letting us know about it and thank you for starting a boycott. – Katie



  4. I have one question. Can I buy AG books and clothes from places like Barns & Noble and Toys R Us? And I can still buy from AG as long as they don’t publish that book? Sorry for the questions.


  5. WHAT?! That’s TERRIBLE! I can’t BELIEVE it! I don’t even know what to say! That’s just awful, I want to cry! American Girl just keeps pushing the envelope. I can’t. even. believe it.

    I’m not sure whether or not I’ll boycott AG — God has given me an avenue via my AG dolls to share the Gospel with fellow doll-lovers, so I don’t know if boycotting would be wisest for me. But I sure am upset that AG would do this. It’s just too much. 😡

    Thanks so much for sharing, Natalie.


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    1. Crying is definitely what I wanted to do! It was just so terrible, and betraying of them.
      Boycotting is a personal decision, so please don’t feel obligated to. I know you are just as opposed to this as I am! Thank you so much for your support!

      On a lighter note, I just had an idea-what if we made a button for all of us teen/tween christian bloggers to put on their blogs that linked to a communal site or page that shared the Gospel? It’s just an idea, but it would be cool to do.

      Thank you so much for commenting, Madison!!

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