My Fun With PhotoFunia!

Hello! I recently discovered a wonderful photo-editing site called PhotoFunia. You can upload an image, and the software will seamlessly paste it into a frame, GIF file, or another photo. It is SO COOL, I am telling you guys! You can’t know until you try it. What can it do? BeholdPF4Whoa! How did Ellie get on a city billboard? I’m telling you-the application is amazing!

And look! Now my cat Echo is in a locket! (don’t you just want to cuddle her?? #catperson)


Ooh, Ellie’s dream just (sorta) came true-she’s on the cover of a fashion magazine!


Adi got on TV for her Lego set tutorial-not exactly her type of show, but she’ll take what she can get!



And, of course, Kit didn’t get forgotten! She just wanted to see herself in a nice, simple frame. Cute, huh?

One more:


Aww….sisterly love. 🙂 ♥♥


Well, that’s it for today! Thank you to all of you who left comments and viewed the new site! I love y’all!


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