Guys, where do I start? How did I get here? How on earth did the crummy little Blogger site with glitchy GIF backgrounds and no regard for punctuation become a place that...well, you know, doesn't suck? If you haven't figured it out (I don't blame you if you haven't), this is my 100th post here... Continue Reading →

''I don't know how much you can do for her...we've tried and the nail polish and makeup just doesn't come off. And then there's her hair...'' I smiled and tried not to reveal how eager I was. ''Oh, I have my ways,'' Just another day in the life of a doll enthusiast, am I right?... Continue Reading →

Hello, lovely readers! I'm here to propose an idea I had a while ago. many thanks to my little buddy Alek for letting me borrow his boy doll Recently, I've seen a whole lot of collab blogs that bloggers can join and write on. Usually these blogs are like an online bulletin board of posts... Continue Reading →

Happy Easter, dear readers! Here on the East Coast, it's a glorious spring morning, and several of the Pleasant Street girls are out in the sunshine with their chocolate eggs. These, of course, are only the best chocolate eggs around, the epitome of Eastertide. And even if you aren't eating chocolate eggs at the moment,... Continue Reading →

Hello, dear readers! After a long period of bare-minimum activity on TAGS, I'm working hard to get back into a steady posting schedule. I've missed doll blogging so much, and I'm so excited to get back to it! I've noticed that in recent months there's been a huge decline in the number of doll blogs... Continue Reading →

Hello, dear readers! I've been asked many times where I get my doll clothing. Really, it's all over the place, from OG, Etsy, AG, and other brands. But for the most part, I make my doll clothes from scratch. Here's how I do it; Today, I'm upcycling an old dress shirt of my brother's and... Continue Reading →

Two years ago yesterday, a little girl who swore she'd never refer to herself as a little girl (eleven years old is not little, thank you very much) wrote the blog post that would, quite frankly, change her life. Her first post, about how to bead your doll's hair, got two comments. The girl was... Continue Reading →

I've done some crazy, weird things for TAGS, but I've enjoyed every moment. Today as I was cleaning my dollhouse, I couldn't help smiling as I remembered all the wonderful times I'd had doing things for this blog. My blogiversary is coming up, and it occurred to me how many of those lovely memories I... Continue Reading →

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